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Henry, with his caterpillar eyebrows and spidery legs, lost his smile aged six playing football with his dog, Tatty.  He found it again 15 years later helping to prepare 10,000 bowls of soup each day for the hungry and displaced who found themselves far from home, washed up on the beaches of Greece.

This picture book is aimed at children aged five to eight and encourages them to engage with their parents on the vitally important migrant issue that is beginning to define the times in which we live.

All profits will go to Médecins Sans Frontières, an international charity who are amongst the most respected participants within this complex and troubling arena. Ten Thousand Bowls of soup is a story of hope and adversity which shows how ordinary young people have made a real difference to the lives of those far less fortunate than themselves.

First, let me introduce you to Henry
Today he is six or seven years old
And already there are things you’d notice
That would make him stand out in any crowd
Things polite people would likely notice
But simply wouldn’t think of mentioning

The story tells how in 2016 Henry, now 23, travels to Greece to help out at a migrant camp.  The camp provides shelter for people fleeing conflict in countries such as Syria and Afghanistan.  Henry’s job is to help make soup, sometimes up to 10,000 bowls in a single day, for the people living at the camp. 

‘Dance boy, dance’ they shouted through their laughter
Bent almost double and holding their sides
‘Dance boy, dance’ in a dozen languages
Was the cry of the camp at suppertime.

Who we are

Henry is a final year university student. In 2016 he studied in Turkey and during his holidays helped in a migrant camp in Greece.

Ten Thousand Bowls of Soup Ltd is a company formed with the sole objective of raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières, one of the foremost international charities active in this area.

The team behind the initiative all live within a few miles of Stroud, Gloucestershire and have been friends for many years.

The team includes a storyteller, illustrator, publisher, public relations consultant, web designer, teacher / composer and three musicians.

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Order your copy by email now by following the link to info@tenthousandbowlsofsoup.com

Ten Thousand Bowls of Soup is available to purchase in book and audio formats, priced £7.99 for the book and £4.99 for the CD, or £10 if you order both. Post and package is included.

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“Fun, quirky and moving. A brilliant idea. “

Nick Butterworth, writer and illustrator of children’s books

“Buying this helps build new lives”

Richard E Grant. Actor


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